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"It's not that you can't do it alone, it's that you shouldn't have to.

We are all searching for more love, connection, fulfillment, and meaning in our lives.

The journey begins within, because what you are really searching for is yourself. We are not broken, we have been wounded. Healing and understanding is what we need" 

- Marlena Singh

Thank You So Much for taking
the time to read My Story!


 My name is Marlena and I am the creator of Wildern Lights, an Artist, and a Mother! 

I believe you by no accident have stumbled upon my page. You are purposely here for a reason! 

My heart, my deep sense of curiosity, and exploration of what it means to be truly human has brought me to this very moment! I am so excited to share with you what I have learned, hoping it could be of great service to you. May it have a beautiful impact, a butterfly effect on the rest of your life.

May you find more meaning, purpose, love, and JOY!  




My Heart

Ever since I was a kid, I have had a really big heart for people. I’ve always been a highly sensitive and curious person, deeply experiencing the world around me with a love for music, art, science, mystery, and a passion for understanding and learning more about what it means to be truly human. I have had, and still have a lot of questions about love and life.  My personal mission has been to find the answers which sit well with my soul and my personal journey. I love to share my findings with others, in hopes that it could assist them along their journey as well. My goal is never to simply give the answers or to even assume that there is only one answer. My goal is to help you find the answers within yourself, and if my story and what I’ve learned along the way can inspire you, and help you navigate the way back to yourself, then that is what I am here for.  Wildern Lights is all about self exploration, and being navigating lights for one another.  One mission is to bring back authentic connections with one another, sisters and brothers who will stand beside you along this journey letting you know that “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”

My StorY

You’ve heard the saying “That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” Yeah, that saying hasn’t always made much sense to me, as I felt the more trauma, hardships, and emotional wounds I endured the more defeated I felt. My emotional wounds stem from childhood abandonment, neglect, abuse, and a lack of a safe and stable living environment. My experiences in life impacted my will to live. I was a wandering soul with a victim mentality. I was allowing life to just happen to me, being in a constant state of responding to my environment instead of taking control of my life.

Even with a victim mindset, I was still able to pull myself out of those dark places just barely, until one day I felt I could no longer try, ending my life felt like only solution. In an unusual turn of events, my plans had been veered off course due to an unexpected death in my family, followed by the news that my little was on her way. I guess God had other plans for me, and with my daughter on her way, I knew I could never think that way again. I knew that I had to become the best version of myself not only because she deserved it, but because I too deserved a life worth living. My faith in God became my grounding, but more conscience healing work needed to be done. I began to ask myself very simple but hard questions…


 “Who am I? What do I need in this moment? What parts of myself have been wounded and in need of healing? What lies did the world tell me about myself that I unknowingly agreed too?” 


Then came the questions that were a little more complicated…


 “I know I am worthy of love and having a life that feels fulfilling and meaningful, but then why do I keep attracting people and events into my life that confirm that I am not ENOUGH?”

 That's when my journey of healing and self-discovery began, and I will do so for the rest of my life as growth is a life long journey and is continuously unfolding. 

That's when the real work began! That's where the healing journey became more intentional.

This wasn't a "time heals all,' these were actual measurable steps. A process I would love to share with others who are READY to move. 

Core Values


Empathy + Compassion

Growth Mindset 

Boundless Explorations of What It Means To Be Truly HUMAN!


Life Group Culture

Safe Space

Unconditional Acceptance

Love + Respect

Self Love 

My Mission

"I will teach you how to THRIVE in life, by being your own coach"

Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to walk beside you along your journey. I’ve always had a heart and passion for helping others. After receiving my BS in Psychology, which took me 9 years to finish, I was so excited to learn that I had no idea what to do with it. So grateful that it sparked my learning journey, but something about working in a clinical setting just didn't feel like the right path for me.

Thats when the creation of Wildern Lights began. I had this beautiful vision of connecting with others in a new and groundbreaking way. It took 6 years of reading and crafting before I felt brave enough to run the first 11 week Life Group. Was I ready? Absolutely not! But we had such an amazing journey together, and I will forever be grateful for those 6 women who trusted me, each other, and the process.    

If we wait to be 100% ready, we may never start! Failure is one of our greatest teachers. Learning new idea, and concepts is one of my core values and is of high priority. I would never consider myself an expert, as the more I learn the I realize there is so much to be discovered! However, I do trust that I have valuable information and experiences that could assist in transforming the lives of others. That is what I consider to be my gift, my mission, and my purpose in life!


This is truly a transformative Body, Mind, Soul experience! Everything is truly connected, and we cannot heal one part without healing the whole. I will not promise you magic overnight transformations, as this is a personal journey, the deeper you dive into yourself, the more you will find. It’s about showing up for yourself and honoring the commitments you make to yourself. My mission is to help you reconnect with yourself, with more love, understanding, and acceptance of who you were designed to be. Part of my goal is to help facilitate an opportunity for unguarded authentic connections with others who are on similar journey, others who could potentially become part of your tribe. On this journey we will uncover your unique gifts and strength, allowing you to live with more intension and purpose. This as a result will add fulfillment and meaning to your life. Part of this process will be to uncover the things that have been standing in your way of you living the life you deserve. We will uncover your limiting beliefs, and gently discuss some of the emotional wounds that have been blocking you in order to begin the healing process. 


Let’s break the toxic cycles and agreements we’ve made with ourselves that keep us stuck, full of anxiety, feeling lonely and disconnected, stuck in jobs we hate, and relationships that leave us feeling empty and broken. Although I don't believe we are ever truly broken, we have just lost our true self a long the way. 

How Can I Show Up For You?
Here is how I can show up for you...

 Let's Talk! Schedule a FREE session today!

At the end of our call, I will most likely invite you to join a life group, or continual one on one sessions, but I will never push or try to sell you anything. The right advice will always be the wrong advice for those how are not ready. This is your journey, and I would love the opportunity to join it along side you!

One on one mentoring sessions 

These are self-explorational, and measurable goal oriented mentoring sessions.

In these sessions we will uncover the blocks that are preventing you from living the best version of your life.

My goal is not to give you the answers, but to help you find them within yourself.

You can be your best life coach!

Join a Life Group

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There is so much power in numbers! It's a place where you belong!

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