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Be The Creator Of
Your Life!

Practical Guide To Unlock Your Potential

- Join A Life Group!
- Connect with real Humans! 
- Understand Yourself on a Deeper Level!
- Enhance All Areas of Your Life!
- Life Long Transformation!

At Wildern Lights My Mission Is To Empower Humanity Through Life Groups, Education, and Journaling Methods. 


Wildern Lights is a mentorship program designed to teach everyday people how to connect purpose and meaning to their past,  increase levels of awareness and gratitude for the present, and clear vision towards a compelling future.

The design brings a sense of community and authentic human connection while bringing awareness to ones unlimited potential, fanning the flame for life long Transformation!

Life Group Core Values


Empathy + Compassion

Creators Mindset

Boundless Explorations of What It Means To Be Truly HUMAN!


Life Group Culture

Safe Space

Unconditional Acceptance



7 Pillars of Wildern Lights 




Creators Mindset

Engagement + Flow 

Meaningful Relationships 

Meaning + Purpose



What Do We Do In A Life Group?

Weekly Meetings

  • Connect with real Humans!

  • Weekly Support from your Mentor and Life Group members.

  • Group deep dive discussions about life.

  • Powerful education on how to live your best life and reach your unlimited potential.

Secret Mentors

  • Secret mentors for seasonal support and encouragement.

  • Learn the powerful reasons why this is so important.

  • Secret Mentor Reveal Party!

Group Outings

  • Who doesn’t love a night out?

  • Providing a sense of belonging and community.


  • Challenge yourself!

  • Workshops put the learned concepts into your physiology for maximum impact.

  • Life long momentum for continual transformation.

Self Work

  • You get out, what you put in!

  • Only those who are ready to make changes in their life will see results.

  • Everyone will receive a Workbook Journal to encourage inner work and growth.

  • Uniquely designed to last you well beyond the season, with guidance for years to come.

End of Season Ceremony

  • Powerful Freedom Ceremony

  • Let go of what no longer serves you

  • Step into your Unlimited Power

Ready to Join a Life Group?


"It's not that you can't do it alone, it's that you shouldn't have to.

We are all searching for more love, connection, fulfillment, and meaning in our lives.

The journey begins within, because what you are really searching for is yourself. We are not broken, we have been wounded. Healing and understanding is what we need" 

- Marlena Singh

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